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Resolving Family Law Issues With A Personal Touch

Legal issues involving family can lead to emotional and scary situations. Individuals shouldn’t have to go through family law issues alone. I am the founding attorney of Auburn Lawyer, LLC, in Auburn, Washington, and I have helped many individuals and families through this difficult journey.

I will be there to help my clients through every step of the process to find the best resolution. I strive to provide personal service and detailed attention to every single client. To ensure each client receives the care and attention he or she deserves, I only take on as many clients as I can handle to make sure my clients’ needs are met and each case is handled properly.

I have extensive experience assisting clients with many different kinds of family law issues, including:

  • Divorce, both contested and uncontested
  • Same-sex marriage and relationships
  • Military divorce
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Parenting plans and modifications
  • Child support
  • Paternity
  • Domestic violence and protection orders
  • Non married couples legal issues (including parenting)

Protecting Your Best Interests

I am focused on finding the best resolution for my clients. I carefully review a budget with the client and determine the best path based on what they can afford. This usually means negotiating a settlement instead of taking the case to trial. It is important to work with an attorney who not only has decades of experience handling complex family law issues, but who also has the skills to effectively negotiate a settlement for his or her clients.

A now retired and highly respected judge from King County Superior Court told me early in my career: “When you go to trial in a family law case, everyone loses.” Going to trial is a very large expense in both monetary and non-monetary ways. It also takes the control out of the hands of the client and puts it in the hands of the judge. Avoiding trial is a common goal for most of my clients, and I will work hard to help my clients reach their goals in settlement. Trials put a lot of stress on the client and their family, and this is an emotional cost I will review with the client. However, when trial is necessary, I will aggressively fight to protect my clients’ best interests.

Substance Abuse And Family Law Issues

As a former Chemical Dependency Professional, and having worked on a Co-Occurring Disorders mental health team of professionals, I frequently handle family law cases that have a substance abuse or mental health disorder issue. Family law matters involving substance abuse and mental health require a different set of skills and experience that most lawyers lack the background to adequately address. I can.

It’s About You And Your Needs

My law firm knows how challenging family law issues can be. I will help individuals explore their options so they can make informed decisions. To schedule a free 20-minute initial consultation, call my law firm at 253-220-7477 or contact me online.